Rice Balls! Making Onigiri with Shinmai

2 Nov

Balls of good firmness with some of salt taste

Remind me the traditional times grains

Using time of new rice to eat fresh balls is enjoyment of fall season

Onigiri with furikake seasoning and a piece of nori

It’s the season of shinmai (new rice) and when rice is this fresh and delicious, the best way to eat it is the simplest way. Plain. With a little salt and wrapped in a piece of nori (seaweed). The amazing blog Just Hungry featured this article in the Japan Times, which gives a run-down on shinmai as well as a recipe for the delectable onigiri (rice ball). (For more on balls, click here for two of my fave.)

Happy forking with balls!


5 Responses to “Rice Balls! Making Onigiri with Shinmai”

  1. Abe August 4, 2011 at 9:24 am #

    Do you have any suggestions on wrapping my onigiri? I’d like to take them to school with me completely wrapped in nori but I couldn’t figure out how to fold the nori neatly using a full sheet and I ended up with some parts covered with nori twice and some parts not covered at all.


    • letsforking August 5, 2011 at 2:10 pm #

      You know, I don’t usually wrap my onigiri before eating it, because it makes the nori soft (and sometimes tough). I usually buy packs of “ajitsuke” nori (roasted and seasoned laver) and bring it separately, wrapping my onigiri immediately before consuming. That’s what the ingenious wrapping technology (see the video) is all about. However, if you do want to wrap it up beforehand, I’d suggest watching the video again closely to see how they wrap the triangle shape completely with one rectangular piece of nori. You WILL always have overlap, though, unless you literally cut corners. But if you’re into origami or have great 3-D spacial awareness, maybe you can figure out a better way?


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