Forking Insanity: Jamiroquai’s Cup Noodle Commercial

9 Jul

Forking Bizarre. I have been wandering around Japan with this Jamiroquai song stuck in my head for days on end, not knowing why. Not usually a follower of “Japan is so weird!” tidbits, I can’t help but share this post I found on the blog (full of “Japan is so weird” bits and bites). This commercial must have been playing on the television while I wasn’t paying attention.

It won’t seem strange unless you listen to the lyrics – part-way through, they change to the Japanese “hara hetta” (= “I’m hungry”) and “kappu nuudoru naiyo” (= “I don’t have any cup noodle”).

I don’t know about you, but using this song and video to promote cup noodle seems like a bit of forking insanity…


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